Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?

Rooted in traditional Chinese practise it teaches the aligning of body, breath and mind for mental and physical and spiritual healthIt can be seen as a form of ‘moving meditation’ and is often used alongside other mindfulness practices. ‘Qi Gong’ literally means ‘energy work’ and is a very wide-ranging practise. Tai Chi is perhaps better known in the West but is actually a ‘daughter’ practice within the wider range of Qi Gong. These practices have ancient roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy and the ‘internal’ martial arts. The energy it refers to  (‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’) is within our own bodies and minds and also the environment, both natural and social with which we are continually interacting.

With these practices we can sharpen awareness of our own experiences and our relationship with the wider world.

Home practice can be assisted by use of handouts, audio CDs and links to video material

There is encouraging evidence for the benefits of these practices please go to Qi Gong Institute for more information.

Weekly Classes   Ancient Qi Gong image

I am running a school term time class on Wednesday mornings in Bishopston BS7. This is run on behalf of the University of the Third Age in Bristol – please go to their website for details (click here) BRISTOL U3A



Qi in the Park

IMG_8414 - Janice Emily Tim on DownsThe best place to practise Qi Gong/Tai Chi is outdoors!

‘Qi Gong Bristol’ runs sessions locations in various parks around the city.

For details of these go to Qi Gong Bristol, ‘Qi in the Park’ for the latest information on outdoor meet-ups.

Please note that the monthly (Wednesday) meet ups in St Andrews Park, BS7 have ceased for the time being.