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To practice ‘mindfulness’  is  to develop an open-hearted, moment-to-moment, nonjudgmental awareness of what is going on right now

from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Welcome to ‘BODY to MIND’. I am Tim Mason, a Bristol-based Qi Gong instructor and mindfulness coach.

I offer classes and workshops in Tai Chi – Qi Gong as a practice of mindfulness within movement. I also run free outdoor ‘Qi in the Park’ sessions and a variety of workshops with other organisations. Visit my Teaching page to find out more.

Tai Chi – Qi Gong and other mindfulness practices provide benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. They can be both energising and relaxing while also satisfying and enjoyable. Please visit other pages of this site to learn more, including:

  • Details of my classes and workshops and what to expect if you come along
  • Information about me, my background and experience
  • Useful resources to support regular personal practice,
  • My Blog where I share thoughts on mindfulness – movement and related matters. You are invited to comment on these from your own experience
  • Links to teachers of related disciplines in the Bristol area

I am currently focussing my teaching through the ‘University of the Third Age’ in Bristol – see their website for details – BRISTOLU3A